Sunday, August 3, 2008

SPECIAL REPORT - Lone Star's ShadowRiders Intercept Stolen Ammunition Truck

This is Trish Donaldson for WKSN News with a special report from Lone Star.

Last night, in Tacoma on highway 512 Lone Star's Special Forces Unit, the ShadowRiders, intercepted and destroyed a stolen supply of Military Ammunition and Weapons intended to be delivered to a terrorist organization with no fatalities of either police officers or civilians. Two terrorists were killed, whose identification are still pending due to severe burns caused by the ammunition and fuel of the truck.

As the investigation into the terrorist organization is still pending, no further details can be had.

WKSN has been promised full details when they become available. Stay tuned for more on this story and more!

Special Report By: CanRay
WKSN Logo By: Joe Veen


Kronos said...

It may sound odd, but I miss the days when the Star just called our lot criminals. I mean, just another mouth fed by less-than-legal means, right?

As far the 'news', omae in the area says some good salvage came loose during the 'incident' and slipped through some greased fingers. Gonna go check the goods soon - anyone interested, ping me over ShadowSEA and we'll see what we can hammer out.

Money said...

The frightening part is that Lone Star Shareholders have still not been informed about anything pertaining to the ShadowRiders.

They're not in the standard chain of command, which means they don't have any limitations. At all. Save their own morality.

Frag, we don't even know who they are, or even who commands them! Not a good sign!

Fritz said...

Gee, sounds a lot like some 'terrorist' groups I've heard of. Funny, that.

Barrio Billy said...

I finally get back into town, and the fragging riders are back?

Of course the shareholders aren't informed. If the whole operation goes to hell, they can deny knowledge. Nice way to cover your hoop, if you ask me.

I've got some feelers out and about, going to see if there's any kind of connection between the ops they've pulled so far. I refuse to believe The Star has brought their goon squad back just to take care of random operations

As usual, I'm willing to share data with anyone else who comes up with anything.

Money said...

Save for one thing, Barrio, the Shareholders are FURIOUS about what's going on. Not just the minority ones, either.

I'm investigating as well. Let's meet up at the Big Rhino, dinner on me, and compare notes.

Barrio Billy said...

Money, give me a couple days to see what I can turn up.

Besides, if you're paying...