Saturday, December 3, 2011

Criara’s Limo Services

Need quick and secure transportation in supreme comfort? We offer a wide selection of chauffeured vehicles, from fast and sleek sport limos to armoured off-roaders. Site-to-site transport, on-call, or extended renting options available. Discretion guaranteed. Find us on the Matrix today.

Logo and Text by: Keita Haruka


Chava said...

I've used Criara's for a few years now. That ad doesn't say the half of it. You never see the chauffeur. The cabin is completely isolated from the front, and they go anywhere...and I do mean ANYWHERE. Redmond and Puyallup included. Just be sure you book the offroader if you want to go there. They also offer a "wait until you're inside" service.

Badge said...

Funny story, some low end gangers snagged a big score of prescription meds from Seattle General and tried to make their getaway in one of these. Turns out that no matter how "Big Time" your heist is, you still can't barter drugs with a limo service.

Ysoni said...

Criara's don't just offer limos. If you know the right codes, you can get access to their "premium" service. Armoured vehicles, with the option of defence drones. And that "Discretion guarunteed" tag? That's double-talk for a willingness to spoof grid-guide, evade pursuit, or any stealth measure you care to name. The price of course adjusts upwards for each additional service, but you do get a high level of excellence for the nuyen.